Father of former Miss Anambra said her Daughter was Drugged against her will in the sex scandal video

Jerry Okeke, who spoke to Premium Times by phone Saturday evening, said his daughter was fine. “My daughter is not missing and at no time did I declare her missing,” Mr. Okeke said. Mr. Okeke […]

Best graduating student in Accountancy in Ghana university is from Nigeria and a Model

Nigerian model, Anambra state born, Vivian Atueyi reportedly achieved a total of 75.01% CGP to become the best Accounting graduate at Regent University of Science and Technology, Accra, Ghana.

Nigerian Activist in Japan Detained for Helping helpless victims

A Nigerian asylum seeker and activist, Elizabeth Aruoriwo Obueza is being held in solitary confinement at a Tokyo detention center, a case that has highlighted a growing crackdown on foreigners living in Japan without visas […]

3 out of 4 Britons admit to being micro criminals – YouGov survey

According to a new poll, 74% of Britons admit to being ‘micro-criminals’, having committed minor/micro crimes. The findings were obtained from a YouGov survey, with the most common micro crimes being: paying someone cash to […]

US based Nigerian Teenager after head injury woke up from coma speaking Spanish

Rueben Nsemoh, 16, originally from Nigeria, shocked family members and doctors when he opened his eyes after a three-day coma and began uttering sentences in Spanish, despite having known only a few words before his […]