Apple inc sued for Touch disease defect in Iphone 6

iPhone 6

A number of people have complained about the diminishing sensitivity and spotty functionality of the touchscreen on their iPhone 6 device as it gets older. With an unresponsive touchscreen the phone effectively becomes frozen and can’t be used properly.

The problem has been dubbed “touch disease” and according to the blog which coined the term, iPhone repair technicians are getting an increasing number of customers experiencing the annoying issue, which seems to be more common in the larger iPhone 6 Plus version.

Aside from the obvious symptom of a frozen screen, touch disease is easy to diagnose because handsets will display a flickering grey bar at the top of the screen.

The reason for this is that the two tiny “Touch IC” connectors, which translate the tapping and swiping of your fingers on the screen into a machine input, become slightly detached from the phone’s logic board. The result is often a progressive, and seemingly erratic, deterioration of touchscreen function.

Disgruntled folk in Canada have filed two lawsuits of their own over touch disease, one nation-wide complaint and another solely for Quebec residents.

The lawyer of the Canada-wide suit Tony Merchant said since filing the complaint in September “we’ve had significant numbers of people contact us,” to complain of the issue, adding that Apple had “brushed it under the rug.”

According to Apple Insider, touch disease now accounts for 11 per cent of all Apple store repairs, eclipsing all other problems as reported by The Sun



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