About iDonShayo.com

iDonShayo is one of a kind site. We hope to combine a myriad of topics in ways that never have been done. Of course ‘idonshayo’ means ‘I am drunk’ in pidgin, but that’s just because its catchy and somewhat humorous. It depicts the humor you will find in the ‘Viral gists’ section, which supposedly was our primary goal, but in the grand scheme of things – we intend to create a hub where everyone can read, freely comment, chat and have fun. What you currently see is where we have chosen to begin.

So ma people, if you no fit understand wetin I just write up for there, make I just quik quik yarn you wetin hin mean. iDonshayo na name wey I drop one day when i don shayo finish for night. And no be say na wetin I wan make we don for this site, but na somethn wey go quik carry you visit our site. D tin we wan do for the dis site be say, we go just dey post-post mata, and you go just dey talk your mind – simple. Any tin else na jara

For the whatsapp users, those that are so keen to shortening every word before they post — our site iDonShayo iz 4 dose dat want 2 just go online 2 talk their mind.

Have the best time on this site, because  REALLY its for everyone that just want to talk their mind, or as my friend Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon will say…those engulfed by the spirit of loquaciousness and need to opine. If don’t understand that, sorry, neither do I.

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